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About a Million Users Bought VR to Try Half Life Alyx

About a Million Users Bought VR to Try Half Life Alyx

New report has been shared talking about the new VR headsets connected to Steam in April. The report confirms that about a million users bought a VR headset to tryout the new Half Life game.

Half Life Alyx sold pretty good and it had 43k concurrent players in launch day. The game was also critically acclaimed worldwide. Most of the people bought the Valve Index VR because it’s connected to Steam and Valve.

It’s great to see that one title can attract that many people to buy a new product. If you have a VR I highly suggest Half Life Alyx for you. It’s one of the best Virtual Reality games to date with awesome story and mechanics.

A lot of modders worked on a non-VR version of the game and some of them actually succeeded. Valve teased that we might get an official non-VR version of the game.


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