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Rumor : Halo Infinite Will Have a Single Shot Campaign

Rumor : Halo Infinite Will Have a Single Shot Campaign

A new rumor has been shared by an insider during the Real Deal Xbox Podcast suggesting that Halo Infinite will have a single shot campaign.

The recent rumor :

” Halo Infinite has something in common with God of War, that we’ll point out after it’s revealed, that we’ve learned about recently that’s really cool. Again, Halo Infinite, apparently, is a juggernaut. All the stuff you’ve seen has been in-engine, no bullsh*t, 60fps, and that’s not even with ray tracing or anything. I can’t wait to see more on the game, considering we’ll be playing it sooner rather than later. “

The rumor doesn’t confirm that the game will have a single shot campaign but another insider confirmed the information on the ResetEra forums. Halo Infinite launches later this year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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