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Elden Ring Might Not be Shown This Year

Elden Ring Might Not be Shown This Year

Imran Khan from Kinda Funny Games spoke on his twitter about the next games by From Software. His tweets didn’t confirm that Elden Ring won’t be shown this year but it looks like he is teasing that informarion.

Imran Khan said :

” Not going to comment specifically on Bloodborne on PC rumors, but suffice to say From Soft fans probably have a lot of reasons to be happy in the next two years. Things that people think are hitting 2020 might not hit 2020 or even be shown in 2020. “

Elden Ring was revealed back in E3 2019. The game was supposed to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC but From Software didn’t give a final date. A lot of people speculated the game’s launch to be in 2020 but that might not happen after all.

We may might the game in 2021 or even 2022 but it’s safe to say that Elden Ring will be a cross-gen title.


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