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In a latest interview with Edge Magazine, Lead Game Designer Wojciech Piejko spoke about the story and the games that influenced The Medium. He said : ” Nothing is simple, nothing is black and white. Playing as a medium gives you a unique vantage point beyond the reach of ordinary people. So the story is crafted in a way that you reveal more and more information. And hopefully it will change your point of view
Famous insider and leaker Aesthetic Gamer shared some new details about Resident Evil 8 on his personal Twitter. He confirmed : ” Okay LAST RE8 question then work. I don’t know the exact play time but I’ve heard pretty reliably out of the RE Engine games it’ll be the longest one. Not the absolute longest RE game, I personally suspect it’ll be shorter than RE6/RE4, but I’ve heard it’s longer than RE7/RE2/RE3. “ Resident Evil
Ubisoft Forward will be live July 12th at 9 PM Egyptian time. These are the games that will be shown during the livestream : Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine Far Cry 6 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Watch Dogs Legion Gods and Monster Beyond Good and Evil 2 ( Maybe ) Skull and Bones ( Maybe ) These are only the known games. Of course Ubisoft will reveal some other new games during the stream that will
A couple of days ago, Guerrilla Games announced the release date of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC. The game will launch August 7th on Steam and Epic Games Store at $49.99. You can now Pre-Order the game via Steam. A lot of people have pre ordered the game and now it’s the top selling on Steam. Top 10 selling games on Steam at the moment : Horizon Zero Dawn Sea of Thieves PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Epic Games announced the free game for this week and now you can gran Hue for Free. The offer is available from now until July 9th. All you have to do to get the game : Download the Epic Games launcher Sign in with your account Search the store for the game Add Hue to your library Now you have the game forever Hue’s System Requirements : OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista with SP2/7/8/8.1/10 x86 or