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Gears 5 Features Many Improvements on Xbox Series X

Gears 5 Features Many Improvements on Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox announced a lot of new improvements coming to Gears of War 5 on Xbox Series X.

Of course if you have the game on Xbox One you will get the Xbox Series X upgrade for FREE once its available. These are the improvements you will be getting on your Xbox Series X :

  • The campaign will run at 4K/60fps
  • Online Multiplayer will run at 4K/120fps
  • Higher resolution textures
  • Higher-resolution volume fog
  • Improved anisotropic filtering
  • Higher quality depth of field
  • Extremely far draw distances with high level of object detail
  • Shadow resolution and shadow distance
  • High-quality screen-space reflections
  • Post processing improvements like bloom, lens flare, light shafts, ect
  • Real-Time Cinematics in 4K 60fps
  • Screen Space Global Illumination

The Coalition confirmed that Gears 5 will look and run best on Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X launches later this year worldwide with a suggested $499 price. Are you getting an Xbox Series X once it launches ?


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