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Ghost of Tsushima Was Inspired by Red Dead Redemption

Ghost of Tsushima Was Inspired by Red Dead Redemption

In a recent interview with Gaming Bible, Ghost of Tsushima director Nate Fox spoke about the inspiration for the game :

” I would say the number one inspiration for the title was Red Dead Redemption – not Red Dead 2 but Red Dead Redemption, – because they did such a fantastic job bringing the fantasy of being an outlaw cowboy to life, Landscape, the way that people talk to you, the way that you move – all have it brought you into that identity. And for us, I used to say like, ‘hey,’ when I would try and get people excited about the game, ‘think of it like as the same format as that. “

The studio also said that The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was a big inspiration for the game :

” When we’re building the game, and a game like Breath of the Wild comes out – that does such an amazing job of showing how the power of curiosity can be stoked in all these many ways, While we always wanted you [to] be transported to Tsushima Island and not butter things up, I think that that game really inspired us to try even harder, to go deeper, to just clear out the decks so that you could be just as present as possible in Tsushima. “

Ghost of Tsushima launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th.


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