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Ghost of Tsushima Will Have Difficulty Settings

Ghost of Tsushima Will Have Difficulty Settings

Sukcer Punch talked recently about Ghost of Tsushima and how the game will be hard and grounded.

That’s what the Game Director ” Nate Fox ” said in a latest interview with IGN :

” We are trying to make a grounded game in that sense, so a couple blows from the enemy will kill you, We watched samurai movies and people go down with one or two strikes, and that is embedded inside of the combat. Beating the Mongols in battle will be hard, but it’s that challenge that makes it feel alive and the victory rewarding. You can’t just run into a camp and fight 5 people at the same time, you will get overwhelmed and die. “

Sukcer Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman confirmed in a recent talk with GameSpot that Ghost of Tsushima will have difficulty levels :

” There are people who are going to say it’s beautiful and they just want to see what it’s like, and yeah, their experience has to be different than somebody who looks at it like they’ve always wanted to play a really grounded katana fighting game, and the fantasy for them is about challenge, discipline, practice, and precision–that’s what they expect of samurai and that’s what the game should demand from them as the player. “

Ghost of Tsushima launches exclusively for PlayStation 4 on July 17th, 2020.


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