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Ghostwire Tokyo is a New Type of Game

Ghostwire Tokyo is a New Type of Game

In a recent interview with IGN, Tango GameWorks Executive Producer Shinji Mikami shared a few details about Ghostwire Tokyo.

He said :

” GhostWire Tokyo is a completely new type of game so I really hope people look forward to it. We started with the idea that the director Ikumi Nakamura had and the idea that she wanted to make. The initial team started with about five people and we worked on it for six months. We then expanded to 10 people and we worked on it for a few years before we went into full production.

This is probably the longest I’ve taken on any game I’ve made in the past. I came on to assist the team around the beginning of 2019. “

Last we heard about Ghostwire Tokyo was back in E3 2019. We hope that we get more information about the game in the upcoming months.


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