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Hello Games is Working on a New BIG Game

Hello Games is Working on a New BIG Game

Hello Games the studio that released No Man’s Sky back in 2016 is working on a new big game.

No Man’s Sky launched with a lot of issues on PlayStation 4 and PC but with time Hello Games managed to make the game ten times better and it’s  now a very big and popular experience. The game also launched on Xbox One and on Xbox Game Pass.

Last week, Hello Games released a small cute game called The Last Campfire. The game got a very good score ( 8/10 ) by most of critics. Now Hello Games is working on another big title.

That’s what Sean Murray ( Studio Head ) said in a recent interview with Polygon :

” I think about it a lot and I don’t know where I come down on it. There is a really positive thing about talking about your game a lot. Where you get people interested in it who wouldn’t have played it otherwise. We see that with No Man’s Sky. We appealed to a huge amount of people, a lot of whom wouldn’t have known about the game otherwise, right? If we’d stealth-launched it or whatever, some of our biggest fans would never have heard about it. “

It looks like this time Hello Games will be looking for a big release just like No Man’s Sky. At the moment we don’t know anything about their next game but we’re excited to see what’s next.


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