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New Leaks About Elden Ring

New Leaks About Elden Ring

Game Rant has revealed some new leaks about the upcomg From Software title Elden Ring.

All the leaks :

  • The game will feature 8 different Kingdoms
  • Each kingdom has its mini bosses and final Boss
  • Bosses will be a lot harder than Dark Souls and Sekiro
  • The game has a Hub area
  • You can customize your character unlike Sekiro
  • The game will feature a skill tree
  • The game will have a dynamic weather
  • The story will change depending on your behavior with NPCs
  • The game will have 5 endings

Elden Ring launches in 2020 for PlayStation 4,Xbox One and PC. Expect the game to also launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


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