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New Leaks About Resident Evil 8 Has Been Shared

New Leaks About Resident Evil 8 Has Been Shared

Some new Information about Resident Evil 8 has been shared via Biohazard Cast.

  • The game will have 2 protagonists : Ethan and Emily
  • Emily will help Ethan throughout the story, she will also be trying to find her dad
  • Ethan had a baby with Mia and it isn’t a normal child
  • The player will be able to explore the village, some mountains, forests, caves and a castle
  • The game will have more enemies than Resident Evil 7
  • The main villain is called Alan and he is the head of a cult called The Connections

Resident Evil 8 will be announced in the PlayStation 5 stream in the next couple of weeks. The game will launch Early 2021 for current and next-gen systems and PC.


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