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New Unannounced Games To Be Shown in Inside Xbox This Week

Famous insider Shinobi confirmed via Reset Era that we will get our first look on new games in the next Inside Xbox. Microsoft is planning on a new Inside Xbox to show third party games running on Xbox Series X.

We knew that the company will show us games that are already announced like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Shinobi confirmed that we will see unannounced title too.

That means we will get a first look on next-gen games this week. I’m hoping for an Outlast Trials reveal during this live stream alongside other games. This stream will be live on Thursday May 7th on YouTube, Mixer and Twitch.

We will also get another Event in June 2020. This event will give us a full look on Xbox Series X and its Exclusives. We will also get the final release date and pricing of Xbox Series X.

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