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Resident Evil 8 Will be Longer Than RE2/3/7

Resident Evil 8 Will be Longer Than RE2/3/7

Famous insider and leaker Aesthetic Gamer shared some new details about Resident Evil 8 on his personal Twitter.

He confirmed :

” Okay LAST RE8 question then work. I don’t know the exact play time but I’ve heard pretty reliably out of the RE Engine games it’ll be the longest one. Not the absolute longest RE game, I personally suspect it’ll be shorter than RE6/RE4, but I’ve heard it’s longer than RE7/RE2/RE3. “

Resident Evil 8 launches in 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. We don’t have any official date for now and we haven’t seen a long gameplay sequence yet. Resident Evil 8 will conclude Resident Evil 7’s story.


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