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Rocksteady Might be Working on a Suicide Squad Game

Rocksteady Might be Working on a Suicide Squad Game

New reports has been shared talking about the next game from Rocksteady Studios.

The new report comes from Kinda Funny Games’ Imran Khan. He heard a lot of rumors about the upcoming game from Rocksteady Studios. Some rumors suggested that it will be a new Superman game.

Other rumors confirmed that Rocksteady are working on a new Injustice game. This time, the rumors confirm that the studio is working on a Suicide Squad game. Imran said that the plans might change over the years.

We suggest waiting for an official confirmation in August. DC will be having a DCFanDome Event in August 22. The company confirmed that some reveals will take place during the event including new Video games from partners.

We expect the new Batman game to be revealed during the event. I hope that the new rocksteady game will be Superman.


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