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We Might Not See Mid-Gen Refreshers for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

We Might Not See Mid-Gen Refreshers for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Former Xbox Executive Albert Penello spoke on ResetEra forums and explained why he thinks that Sony and Microsoft won’t be offering Mid-Gen refreshers for PS5 and Series X.

He said :

” It may simply be less necessary as well. 4K was becoming a mainstream resolution for PC and TV’s, and the the base consoles were designed around driving 1080p (or less) output. When you have a set that requires 4x the performance *just* to drive 4x the pixels, then you eat up all the performance just driving resolution. I think it’s unlikely we’ll see 8K TV’s go mainstream in the same way we saw 4K go mainstream – we’re more likely to see improvements in NITS (to drive better HDR) or better framerates to support greater than 60fps on TV’s. CPU’s and GPU’s in the next-gen should easily support higher frame rates and wider colors. “

In addition, he continued with :

” I don’t see a 20 / 24 tflop machine being affordable in a console form factor even in 3 years. The node change from 7nm to 5nm or 3 nm is going to be cost prohibitive and just mathematically unless they hit 3nm you’re only going to see a 30% reduction in size but you’re doubling the tflops so the chip has to grow. “

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will both launch in Holiday 2020. Neither of the companies confirmed the price of their console but it’s assumed that both system will be available for $500. Xbox will introduce Xbox Series X for $300-350 and PlayStation will introduce PS5 Digital Edition for $400. These prices are just speculations.


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