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Xbox First Party Studios Can Make Games for Next-Gen Only if They Want to

Xbox has already confirmed that most of the first party titles in the next couple of years will be launching for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Speaking with GameStar, Xbox Head Phil Spencer confirmed that any studio can make games for next-gen only if they want to.

Spencer said :

” If a creator comes to us and says ‘No, I really want to focus on next generation’ with their games, we’re completely open to that and we’re very supportive of that, If a creator comes to us and says I have this vision for reaching these customers across different platforms and different generations we’re completely supportive of that. “

He added :

” It is really about our creators having choice and allowing them to build the games that they want to build to reach the audience that they’re looking for and not things that we’re mandating to our creators in terms of what they have to go do. It’s not our rules for our platform it’s more about creators creating the games that they want to go build looking ahead. “

It has been already confirmed that some next-gen exclusives won’t be launching on Xbox One like Scorn and The Medium. We will see more next-gen only titles during the Xbox Game Showcase on July 23rd.

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