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Lots of people are asking about the online digital purchase, about the codes and accounts and the differences between them.

Let’s talk about this in details, away from marketing as this information is very important to the user no matter where are you going to buy from. You should be fully aware with this information.

The shared accounts on PS4 and Xbox one is about making a new account and buy a game or more, subscription or more. You can share this account afterwards with one of your friends or family.

Let’s start in details with the sharing system on Xbox.

For Xbox, you can divide the account between 2 persons, one of them takes the home account, the other one takes the sign in account.

For the home account, you should sign in with the account for the first time, then go to the settings, personalization, make this my home Xbox, press it and then press ok. After that download the game on the account, then you should close the account and never open it back, or you can even delete it.

After downloading the game you can play it either you are connected to the internet or not as long as the game doesn’t require an internet of connection. Some of the game requires an internet connection (the division is an example.). some of the games require Xbox live gold to work (Apex as an example), but most of the games with the story mode is playable online and offline.

Note: the home account can be applied as home only five times a year, after that you can’t apply it as home before a year from the first trail.

For the sign in account, it will be the same home account credentials with a different use, as you should sign in with the account, download the game, and then sign in every time you need to play it, switch user to play with your own user and upgrade your achievements.

In both home and sign in accounts, download the game from your supported language store to make sure that the game will include your mother language if it’s available, no matter what your store region is.

Now: what about the PlayStation? Is it going to be the same?

No it’s not, the ps4 accounts have a different way of use, and it’s divided into primary and secondary.

The ps4 primary account is same idea as the home account on Xbox, make the account primary, download the game and play it from another account either online or offline. The primary on ps4 allows you 2 devices to switch between them ultimately, it means that you can switch it as primary in both consoles for ultimate times, but you can’t add a third device until you remove one of the both devices on circle, or deactivate the account online. This process can be done only once every 6 months.


THE ps4 Secondary account is the same account but you shold play the game only from it while it’s connected to the internet


What you should maintain when you buy an account or code?

You have to buy it from a trusted place or person; there are many people online who provide cheap codes or accounts which are stolen or cracked, that may cause the account to be closed or panned, and sometimes the whole device.

The price shouldn’t be your primary objective as sometime many scammers provide cheap prices to get you into deal, then… boom


Now let’s talk about cracked devices…

There is no cracked xbox one so far, there was a crack for PS4 old versions but it’s just a waste of money as all the games provided are released 2 years ago and if it goes online the device will be panned.

What are the alternatives…

There is an offline package for ps4 and Xbox one which I don’t recommend, but it’s available and can be done with legal accounts and doesn’t harm your console, you can go back online again whenever you want

Now you know all the options and aware with all the alternatives. Feel free to get what you want, enjoy your gaming experience to the max.